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Making a Will

Updated: May 5, 2022

In August 2021 we had a special meetup where Karen Keegan was our guest speaker. Karen spoke about the importance of making a Will and the members who were there certainly learnt a lot…we had so many questions and they were all answered. It was such an interesting presentation. Participants shared some hair-raising stories that reinforced the importance of getting your wills and powers of attorney in place - regardless of your age. There were some complicated life situations many women can find themselves in that can make them (and their families) vulnerable if they don't have a good will in place. Such an informative session.

A huge thankyou to Karen for such an engaging and informative presentation.

If members have any other topics they feel would be of interest for guest speaker and presentations please let us know. Use the contacts section to email us with your ideas or share your thinking at one of our meetups!

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