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The Shedettes make their debut

It started out as our final Member's Meeting for the year, but things took a turn when Chrissie, Marian, Robyn and Janet took out their ukuleles and handed out lyric sheets! Our members turned their attention away from the yummy food and drinks (perhaps the drinks helped!) and turned into the Shedettes. About 15 minutes of rehearsal and then we talked and drank some more, then packed up and headed up to The Guard for the first Arts Yack Open Mic night.

Well, we have to say, we slayed them! Our groovy moves, our perfect pitch and timing, and our choice of oldies but goodies hits (Dream Lover) that everyone could sing along too had the crowd swaying and clapping along! Most importantly, we had a ball doing it.

So much fun that we went back in January for an encore performance singing, (Eight days a week, Oh Boy and Daydream believer)! Here are some pics for your enjoyment.

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